Graham Oakley’s church mice picture books

I’ve just discovered Graham Oakley’s picture books that were first published in the 1970s. I picked up this hardback copy  – ironically – at the church opshop yesterday. It’s not the first time I had seen this book at this same shop – infact there was also another Graham Oakley book there but I didn’t know they were popular secondhand books at the time. So this copy was bought by someone else and then returned to the shop! Is there another collector targeting the same shops? I wonder if the other book will turn up again too? These books are trading from $US13 to $US70 to $80 – a first edition would be a real find. Also people seem to list these books for sale but don’t include an image..what is that about?

Any information about this copy would be appreciated. The cover is coming away from the spine at the back and the spine is exposed but the pages are clean, there’s no rips or tears.

Wikipedia says: Graham Oakley is an English author and illustrator. He was born in August 27, 1929 to Thomas and Flora (Madelay) Oakley in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England. He currently lives in Lyme Regis, Dorset and was listed in the 2008 Modern Classics edition of The Church Mice as ‘mostly retired’. Graham Oakley is best known for the Church Mice series, published 1970 to 2000, and the Foxbury Force series (1994 to 1998). He also won a citation from the Boston Globe-Horn Book Award in 1980 for a picture book entitled Magical Changes. It features detailed scenes that are drawn in such a way that the pages, which are cut in half, allow you to combine the top and bottom into many (often surreal) situations from original drawings that are already strange. It was republished in 2001 in France under the name 512, the title representing how many different combinations can be made.

I’ve found a blog about his books visit


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