1947 Tintin’s Le Secret de La Licorne

I found this hardcopy Tintin adventure at my local opshop. I’m always amazed by what I found there.

There’s damage to the book’s spine and scuffing to the covers but the pages are clean! It’s an ex-school library book. I love reading Tintin comics. I didn’t realise the book was written in French until I got it home. Sadly my French isn’t good enough so I decided to on-sell the book.

Sir Peter Jackson is making this classic book into a movie.

I sold this copy on Trademe for $15 which was what a similar condition copy sold for on UK’s Ebay last year.


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2 Responses to 1947 Tintin’s Le Secret de La Licorne

  1. Nick Johns says:

    It is really hard to find out the value of books is there a good site to get an indication of a books value?

    • opshopqueen says:

      I Google the title and author see what websites ping up. It’s not very scientific but I knowI will stumble on that $500,000 rare book that was overlooked during a clean out.

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