Giuseppe Armani figurines

Some people will pay a lot of money for figurines. Somewhere in the deep depths of my memory I knew that. And today I discovered that people will pay thousands for Giuseppe Armani figurines – made in Italy -of course. The figurines are stuck on a circle of wood and have a metal tag with the word Florence imbedded on it. Mr Armani’s signature is on the back along with a blue N with a blue crown-like shape above it.

I bought one of these figurines at the charity shop today for – yes – 10 cents. Clearly the volunteers that work at the shop had never heard of Mr Giuseppe Armani – but then neither had I until today.

I thought my daughter might like it since the figurine is a cute girl hugging her dog.

So what value does it have? Probably not a lot as it has a hardly-noticiable chip off the dog’s left eyebrow and therefore it’s not mint. It was made in 1995/1996 so it’s not antique, and is somewhat dated. I don’t have the original box it was in when purchased, which apparently helps to ensure it’s the real thing and not a fake. Perhaps if it becomes a family heirloom it may be

Girl with dog 1995/1996 Giuseppe Armani figurine

more valuable for my grandchildren.

I found a comparable figurine made in 1997 listed on eBay. The seller wants US$50 for the figurine of a little girl sitting down. But it’s in mint condition.

Another eBay seller wants US$1000 for a more modern “Group of Love” design pictured below.

To learn more about Mr Armani visit

This figurine is for sale on ebay for US$50


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