Vintage knitting books

Lynda do you remember that Pink wool dress?

The Lux Book knitting designs for 1950

Following on from the old sewing patterns, there’s also a demand for 1960s and earlier

knitting patterns – especially for babies. Patons R24 babies knitting booklet – era 1960s – sold for $29 on Trademe last month.

I found The Lux Book for knitters in the 1950s at the Matakana Opportunity Shop recently. The booklet includes the classic twin set and a dress and matching jacket! (see the photo below). Yep, bet you wantta knit that outfit.

Looking at these old patterns reminded me of my good friend Lynda refusing to wear a

beautiful charlotte

pink crochet dress – similar to the knitted garment, pictured above left – when we were kids. I thought it was wonderful, while Lynda thought it was too itchy.

And back in 1991, I tortured my beautiful then infant niece with a Shepherd pink, lacy jacket, bootees and bonnet – and gloves.

Of course there are online stores selling vintage knitting patterns and many offering downloads of the patterns for free. Check out this website for cool knitting things

1950s knitted dress and jacket

Baby Charlotte’s pink outfit


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2 Responses to Vintage knitting books

  1. Shelley Terrell says:

    I have some old knitting patterns books probably the 1930’s I have quite a few an avid kniiter gave me. Do you know of anyone interested in buying them?

  2. opshopqueen says:

    If you are in NZ list them on Trade Me.

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