An art book by Kveta Pacovska – Unfold/Enfold



Unfold/Enfold – it’s an amazing book. Although some of the art looks like it could have been done by my four-year-old.  It would have been a publishing nightmare because it unfolds from cover to cover with lots of cutouts. Of course it was manufactured in China. I bought this book last year for about .20cents simply because I liked the cover, and don’t believe anyone who says you should never buy a book by its cover. This little hardcover gem, which is in good condition with it’s dustjacket, is worth US$95 new at Amazon.

This is what Amazon writes about the author: From internationally acclaimed and widely published illustrator Kveta Pacovská comes a stunning and innovative creation: an extraordinary expandable book nearly twenty feet in length, peppered with geometric die-cuts, surprising pop-up elements, rich colors, squiggles, squares, and quirky faces. Sophisticated enough for adults and wacky enough for children, Unfold/Enfold will delight both longtime fans and those new to this imaginative illustrator’s creative landscape.With a multisensory tour de force that is truly a work of art, Pacovská invites readers to open their minds and experience the world through her world, just a little bit differently.

Kveta Pacovská is a prize-winning illustrator of books for both adults and children. She lives in Prague.



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