The Story of Little Black Quibba

The Story of Little Black Quibba

This post is kinda off topic as I found my childhood copy of this book in a storage box while I was having a clean out. I’ve decided to blog about this book as I think it’s got value with collectors. And I was wondering what its value is? If  anyone with that knowledge reads this blog could you please leave a comment.

My book is a 1964 hardcopy with dustjacket, which is damaged and has been clipped. The pages, spine and covers are in good condition for its age.

Author is Helen Bannerman


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2 Responses to The Story of Little Black Quibba

  1. Tamara says:

    Check out this:

    I am kind of doubting your copy is worth loads. 😦 From this website, editions printed around 1900 are worth a lot! I think condition would really make it’s worth.
    It also might be the same as ‘Little Black Sambo’? or similar storywise…
    I’m no expert! I just knew of that website. 🙂

  2. opshopqueen says:

    Thanks Tamara for finding that listing!

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