Warkworth Hospice Catwalk Art Awards – We won a top award!!!

Here’s the update on the awards. We won the Judges’ Choice Award! Amazing. We were so blown away to get such a top award. The judges were sculpture artist Jeff Thomson, artist Shona Cameron and classical sculpture artist Virginia Henderson. Thanks so much.

To be honest I didn’t even know this award existed. I hadn’t paid much attention to the award structure. I found out that I hadn’t filled in my entry form correctly so we were not in the running for the recycling award. Since the outfit was 100% recycled and materials bought from hospice charity shop and the other opshops in the area I though we’d be in the running so I was a bit sad about that.  But the Lions Club wine bottle top entry deserved to win that award. There are some very clever artistic people out there with unique ideas.

The event is run like a well-oiled machine thanks to a bunch of volunteers that give their time each year. I’ll enter the awards again next year if I can think of a clever way of displaying some other item in charity shops that has little resale value – handbags spring to mind. Like books, handbags sell if they are vintage, trendy, or pretty and in good condition but everything in-between gathers dust.

Otherwise me and the beautiful girl will buy tickets, enjoy the show and support hospice.

It was great to spend time with my girl, watch her twirl and have fun on the catwalk, and to be inspired by the other entries. And we came home with a beautiful Morris and James handmade tile created espcially for the awards. Big thanks to whoever came up with that idea – we love it.


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