Red Cross Shop in Orewa

I’ve only visited this shop twice. It’s in Hillary House behind McDonalds. I don’t visit Orewa often because I find the shopping area poorly laid out, rambling and a bit confusing. I am surprised retired folk like living there. I’m sure there’s been a few oldies who have driven into town for a bottle of milk and been unable to find their car when they leave the dairy – that’s if they can find the store in the first place. So look for McDees, which is opposite the beach, and the opshop is behind it to the right.

The shop is well laid out with clean clothes on racks, books and shoes on shelves,

and a bargain rack of clothes outside. My best buy was Marian Keyes chick-lit novel Angels for .50 cents. An oldie – published in 2002 – but one of her books I haven’t read.


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Love to op shop.
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