Cambridge’s Charity Shops

During the school holidays I passed through Cambridge (New Zealand) and, of course, had to stop and check out the op shops.
It is a very attractive town and easy to get around with wide pavements and free parking. All the charity shops we visited were very clean. None had the traditional musty smell and all the staff were tolerant of my small children. Five stars to Cambridge!
First stop was the Union Parish Opportunity Shop on Victoria St. Usual stuff with a bonus box full of free toys.

From the Union Parish store, The Red Cross shop was north along Victoria St then take the first right. Very nice clothing, shoes and bags. Way higher prices but still good value for money as there were lots of top brands.

The Salvation Army Red Shield shop is further down on the same road. We bought some reminant cotton material and got a couple of sewing patterns for free. The Sallies don’t charge for sewing patterns!

We went back to Victoria St and crossed the road to the hospice shop. Very clean store. The ladies in the store recommended Fran’s (on Victoria St) for a coffee and we weren’t disappointed. The cafe has a great teapot collection.


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